Resolving Incontinence/Prolapse

Treating bladder control problems with skill and sensitivity

Bladder control problems and pelvic prolapse affect millions of women. If you have suffered from urinary incontinence and/or prolapse, you know it can significantly impact your quality of life. Dr. Glass and Dr. Kroeger have helped hundreds of women resolve these challenging problems and get on with their lives. Dr. Glass and Dr. Kroeger work side-by-side in the surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, so patients get the benefit of having two excellent surgeons and twice the experience.

Exploring your treatment options

After a thorough evaluation, our doctors will suggest the most appropriate treatment for you. This may include nonsurgical options such as physical therapy to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, bladder retraining, pessary use or lifestyle modifications. Many types of minimally invasive surgical options exist as well, including:

  • Tension-free vaginal tape sling: A highly effective outpatient procedure that supports the urethra with tension-free mesh tape placed just behind the pubic bone to treat stress urinary incontinence.
  • Vaginal hysterectomy with vault suspension: To treat uterine prolapse.
  • Anterior colporrhaphy: To treat prolapse of the bladder into the vagina.
  • Posterior colporrhaphy: To treat prolapse of the rectum into the vagina.