What to Expect

The best care possible

We are glad you have chosen us to care for you during your pregnancy. The reason prenatal care is important is to make sure your pregnancy is progressing well, and our main objective is to have a healthy mom and baby.

We work together to provide our patients with the best care possible. During your pregnancy, your care at the clinic will be provided by the doctor you have chosen as your primary clinic doctor. It is possible that you may see another physician who is not your primary clinic physician during the pregnancy. Because these doctors rotate call schedules, it is also possible that a doctor different from your primary clinic doctor may deliver your baby. The doctors who share call for deliveries and after-hours emergencies are: Tracy Glass, DO, Gregory P. Kroeger, MD, Ed Holt, DO, Nicole Davis, MD, Jason Brown, MD, David Morehead, DO.

Currently, Baylor Scott & White Waxahachie Hospital employs a dedicated and highly skilled group of physicians, knows as laborists or OB Hospitalists. They will provide call coverage some weeknights and on weekends to ensure consistent, timely care for our obstetrical patients.

You will be expected to keep your prenatal clinic appointments. These appointments are important for you and your baby’s health. Your blood pressure, weight and urine will be checked at each visit. These tests screen for potential problems during your pregnancy.

Childbirth classes 

Attendance at one of the hospital’s child birth classes is encouraged. These classes will cover the labor and delivery process and prepare you for the first few days of a newborn’s life.

It is a good idea to start thinking about a method of birth control to use following the birth of your baby, especially if you desire permanent sterilization (tubal ligation). In some cases, you will need to sign a consent form at least 30 days prior to your delivery if you desire tubal ligation. You should discuss this with your doctor during your prenatal care.


We have designed the following links to be a quick resource for you at home. They will address some of the more common symptoms and problems that can occur during the various stages of your pregnancy and postpartum.

Again, we are glad you chose Advanced Women’s Healthcare of Waxahachie for your prenatal care. Congratulations on your pregnancy! We look forward to taking care of you.

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